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Unity Continued…


ok here is the rough layout of the first 1/3 of the space station that will feature in GRAVITON X. 

OK, ive managed to build the command room from my rough sketch

now ive manage to build the room below the command centre and its corridors, i did add in the stairs but they didnt work to well so i’m planning on adding in them and the railing last, (basically modelling the meshes later then adding them into unity)


Starting with Unity

Long story short, i ended up losing 2 hours work, but instead of giving up i jumped back on the Unity waggon and got cracking, after 5 hours and a footy match i’ve managed to get this far, ive managed to do a corridor and the beginning of a room, to be honest its taking a lot longer than i first thought but im slowly powering through.

The hardest part of this is lining up each and every mesh, thankful the Vertex snap enable me to quickly arrange the meshes next to one another but sometimes the vertex snap fails to connect to the other vertexs. It can take me between 3-30 seconds to do one vertex. Its going to be a slow process but watch this space for update images.

Very rough example

This is a rough example of how the corridors will look with the game character within them. Using the tiles example from earlier, i was able to duplicate the tiles fast allowing me to knock up these mock levels within 3ds max, now i just have to implement this in UNITY.

This is an example of the station from a far, again this only took 10-15 mins to knock up and it shows a good example of how im going to tile a room within UNITY.  

Here is another quick example of how the corridors would look if the game wasn’t a 2.5D platformer

Wall Improvements

Here is the improvements that should cut down construction times in UNITY (the game engine we have decided to use). Adding the the floors and roof will also cut down on cluttering up the unity hierarchey when i come to construct the level.

Here is a quick intersection example that will give the level a bit of realism that hopefully breaks up the repeating wall tiles, the intersection has been intentionally raised on the floor as a way of showing abit of depth in the construction of the space station, i see them as ribs supporting the inner and outer walls.

Tommorrow i plan to create a bulkhead door and door intersection and start on the level in unity for the up coming WIP.

Update…..Untextured wall designs…..wall tile


Here is the first basic level tile, i simple modelled it in  3ds Max.  After a discussion with shackles ‘richard’, he gave me the idea of the making the walls have the stereotypical  sci fi wall angles, funny enough even though this method is used time after time it works well, ‘if it aint broke, dont fix it’ 

Adding onto the walls, just a bit of varity, the first is a computer/ wall terminal, the next is either a window of some sorts or could be a terminal of a different use i.e door controls.

another idea is in the works to cut down time by adding the floor and roof to the existing wall. ill be updating this space soon with the idea.

Graviton X

I’m Currently working on Graviton X, a space/platform shooter, my role in project is Level design and Environment modelling, Go to the Graviton X page for more development information.